Month: November 2018

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Koala study to help save species

HOW MUCH CAN A KOALA BEAR?: Researcher from the Heidleberg University in Germany, Katharina Kadi?nig is pictured with Milton, a 4 1/2 year old male koala from the Ballarat Wildlife and Reptile Park. A team is here to undertake research to help with the koalas’ management and preservation.THE cuddly and often sleepy koala will become the subject of new research to help with the species’ management and preservation.
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Announced this week by Ballarat City Council and the Australian Koala Foundation, the study will find out where and why koalas are dying in the municipality.

Australian Koala Foundation liaison officer Rolf Schlagloth said anecdotal evidence showed the species was under greater threat than ever before.

“There are hundreds and hundreds of records of koalas being injured and killed but it hasn’t been compiled, analysed, and published,” he said.

Mr Schlagloth said the biggest threats to koalas today were wild dogs and car accidents.

“We are worried we have a huge drain of koalas that are already under threat from loss of habitat,” he said.

“You can’t sustain a healthy koala population if you just have a continuing bleeding of stock.”

German researcher Katharina Kadiönig will assist with the collation and mapping of the data onto a geographical information system.

Using this system, data will show where koalas are most threatened and help council implement strategies to assist with sustaining and protecting the population.

City of Ballarat Environment Officer Melanie Robertson said it was important that people realised koalas were here first, and should not be seen as a pest.

Data about where koalas are being killed and injured will be collected from local wildlife carers, vets and the Australian Koala Foundation.

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Bravely facing any challenge

ALOPECIA sufferer Ryan Pompe is a quietly spoken, courageous young teenager.The Ballarat Football League under 14 representative is devoted to his Golden Point junior club.And it his positive attitude, despite the loss of hair from his illness, which attracts people to Ryan as much as his football ability.His father, Michael, is also in awe of his son’s “enormous amount of courage”.Despite some teasing Ryan has stood out as a top young footballer who leads by example.The Year Eight Ballarat Secondary College East campus student has learnt a lot from his condition.”It has taught me to deal with something that at first was hard to take but now I think I am a better person for it,” Ryan told The Courier.”I have had great support from teammates and family, the club and my school – it’s not a problem particularly when you understand how many other people have the condition,” Ryan said.Michael said his son’s condition doesn’t affect Ryan’s physical health but there is an emotional toll.”Some people come good with the hair growing back but Ryan’s condition deteriorated – he’s actually got a bad case.”We were at the breakfast table one morning when I asked Ryan about a patch on his head about the size of a five cent or 10c piece.”We didn’t panic then much, just went and saw our doctor.”Sometimes it can grow back straight away but we realised as the weeks went by he was getting more and more hair loss and a specialist put him on cortisone-based ointment and then painful injections into his scalp.”He also saw a naturopath which helped a little bit.”There are three types of alopecia.Alopecia Totalis, like Ryan’s condition, is where you lose all the hair on your head and Universalis is where you lose all the hair on your body.”It is believed to be an auto immune deficiency – there are some thoughts that it stress-related or heredity.”It started to develop on Ryan’s scalp in June, 2004.But Michaeal said there was a lot of support and help for the condition.”If anyone out there experiences this there is a lot that can be done. The trouble with alopecia is it is more of a mental problem; sufferers can relate to it like losing a limb.”It is a sensitive age as a teenager to get alopecia as Ryan had just started secondary school.”He could have it forever but sometimes but it can grow back anytime.”Sometimes for parents like Michael it can be difficult to watch a child go through the condition.”But kids that get it don’t have to stop playing football, netball, ball room dancing or whatever – they can go out and carry on.”Ryan did think about stopping playing football and he became a little bit reclusive at first but Neil Robe as president of the Goldent Point junior body was very supportive.”Ryan has copped a bit of flak from a few kids but a lot other kids have been very supportive,” Michael said.He said the BFL had really shown interest in Ryan as a person and as a player.”Ryan has never once complained about it either.”This year Ryan played in the BFL under 14s representative side in the inaugural Bobby Davis Cup – Ballarat versus Geelong.
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Cyclist imprisoned[BB] SYDNEY – A Sydney father who knocked over and killed an elderly woman as he cycled home was yesterday sentenced to three years’ jail over the tragic accident. Darren Cargill was rushing anxiously home on a borrowed bicycle when, looking at his feet rather than the footpath, he struck Joan Russell, 78.
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Mrs Russell, who was walking through a park in Redfern, fell backwards on to the pavement, hitting her head and becoming unconscious.

The NSW District Court heard that Cargill made no attempt to brake and did not stop to help Mrs Russell, who suffered lacerations to the back of her head, a fractured skull and a brain haemorrhage.

She was taken to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital where she underwent surgery but died six days after the November 11, 2001, accident.

Jail for stalking MELBOURNE – An obsessed shoe-shop owner who waged a campaign of terror against the family of a woman employee who spurned his advances was yesterday jailed for eight years.

The court was told that before resorting to violence and threats, Benito Maccia, 63, gave Elizabeth Gligorieva, 35, a cheque for $100,000, promoted her to shop manager and raised her pay in an attempt to induce her to sleep with him.

But Maccia became aggressive and angry when Ms Gligorieva told him to stay away.

In the Supreme Court, Maccia, of Highlands Rd, Thomastown, pleaded guilty to charges of stalking and incitement to kill between November 2000 and June last year.

During that time, shots were fired at family members’ homes and cars were burnt.

Disease hits olives ADELAIDE – A bacterial disease has struck Australian olives.

Olive knot (Pseudomonas savastanoi) has been confirmed on five properties in South Australia and one in Victoria.

It is the first time that the olive disease, which weakens tree development, has been found in Australia.

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ABC slated
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[BB] CANBERRA – Richard Alston may have quit the communications portfolio but that did not stop him launching another blistering attack against the ABC yesterday. An independent complaints review panel upheld 17 of the former Communication Minister’s 68 complaints of bias in the national broadcaster’s coverage of the Iraq War.

Senator Alston was crowing at the findings released yesterday, which showed 12 cases of serious bias by a reporter or presenter, four breaches of an ABC directive to refrain from emotional language or editorialisation, and one case where sources were inadequately identified.

But the panel, set up by the ABC board, found no overall bias against the US or the Coalition of the Willing.

Senator Alston said the findings were a devastating indictment on the ABC’s self- indulgent, self-assessment complaints handling procedure.

Airspace protest

CANBERRA – Australia’s air traffic controllers concerned about the safety implications of airspace reforms say they have the backing of international colleagues.

Under new rules to be introduced in six weeks, light aircraft will be allowed to operate below 3000m without radio or radar contact or notifying air traffic controllers.

Civil Air president Ted Lang said a meeting of the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers in Montreal had condemned the plan as unsafe.

Civil Air state representatives and safety experts met in Melbourne this week and pleaded for the Transport Minister John Anderson to reconsider the reforms.

GM demo arrests SYDNEY – Eleven people were arrested yesterday after environmental campaigners dressed in chicken suits barricaded two poultry feed factories that used genetically modified ingredients.

About 60 Greenpeace activists carrying anti-GM food banners launched a coordinated blockade at Ingham Enterprises chicken feed silos at Cardiff in the NSW southern highlands, and the firm’s corporate headquarters in Liverpool.

Greenpeace wants an end to the company’s practice of feeding GM soya to chickens.

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Beer upmarket[BB] ADELAIDE – Beer drinkers have become as selective as wine connoisseurs, favouring premium beers over aged-old lagers, according to a leading Australian brewer. South Australian-based Coopers Brewery managing director Tim Cooper said beer drinkers had become increasingly sophisticated.
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“Beer drinkers are now more sophisticated and selective about what they drink than they were 10 years ago,” Mr Cooper said yesterday. “Breweries are aware of this, and the focus has turned to satisfying the growing demand for premium beer in the market.”

The emergence of the so-called beer connoisseur had changed the beer market, he said.

Custody plan slated CANBERRA – The head of the Family Court yesterday lambasted Prime Minister John Howard’s proposal for shared custody of children from broken homes, saying it would never work.

Chief Justice Alastair Nicholson was scornful of any suggestion that the Family Law Act be changed to presume divorced parents received equal access to their children.

He said the plan did not reflect the reality of Australian life and was unworkable.

Giving evidence to a parliamentary committee on child custody, Justice Nicholson said the court had to assess each case individually and rule in the best interest of the child.

Fare hike fears MELBOURNE – Taxi fares could increase by as much as 8 per cent when the Federal Government introduces an LPG tax.

Victorian Taxi Industry Association chief executive officer Neil Sache predicted that the decision by the Federal Government to impose an excise on LPG from 2008 would impact heavily on taxi running costs.

“Potentially this could increase LPG prices by as much as 33c a litre,” Mr Sache said. The Federal Government outlined the LPG tax plan in May’s budget papers.

Accused abused ADELAIDE – The father of a schoolgirl found dead on a dirt driveway verbally abused her accused killer during a brief court appearance in Adelaide yesterday.

Kevin John Hender, 48, of north suburban Blakeview, appeared briefly in the Adelaide Magistrates Court charged with the murder of 15-year-old Samantha O’Reilly.

“Just hang the bastard,” Samantha’s father, Noel, muttered during yesterday’s legal argument.

The schoolgirl’s partially clad body was found on the dirt driveway of an Adelaide Hills property in January, three hours after she was last seen alive.

Whaling rival WELLINGTON – Japan is considering setting up a rival organisation to the International Whaling Commission, which was set up in 1947 to conserve and manage stocks of the giant marine mammals, a newspaper reported yesterday.

A Japanese Fisheries Ministry representative revealed the plans while attending a conference on the southern bluefin tuna this week in Christchurch, The Press said. It said that the move could spell the end of the IWC, which angered Japan and some other whaling members when it introduced a moratorium on commercial whaling in 1985.

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